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Meet The Team

A local Melbourne family business since 1967, keeping the skills handed down through the generations alive, proudly Australian Made.


Silvio Mignone

From the shoe factories of Fitzroy and Collingwood in the 1960's, to founding his first business in 1967, Silvio has been a part of the local leather manufacturing industry for over 50 years. Still active today, always innovating.

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Sam Mignone

Learning to craft leather from a young age, Sam spent all his school holidays at the leather lab under Silvio's tutelage. Founded Vista Industries in 2002, currently spends his time as managing director and craftsman.

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The Leather Lab

Boasting machinery from the best manufacturers in Italy and Germany, accumulated over our 50 year journey. Combining our facility with 50 years of craftmanship, allows us to customise and create without limmitation.