DiPell Competition

Our flagship product, the DiPell Competition series represents the peak of sports leather technology. Combined with over forty years of craftsmanship, the DiPell Competition bar tape is designed for the most demanding of cycling conditions.

Product Description

The natural fibre structure of leather gives the bicycle bar tape unrivalled durability, making it extremely resistant to scratches and scrapes, while providing a superior and long-lasting grip. Designed with real sports functionality in mind, the DiPell Competition series also allows you to change grip and freely slide your hands, while maintaining a luxurious and comfortable feel that only leather can provide.

Coming in a wide variety of colours, this bar tape will ensure that luck, style and nature will be on your side at your next big event.

DiPell Competition Kit

  • x2 strips of lightweight competition grade leather handlebar tape
  • x2 lightweight handlebar end plugs
  • x2 strips of brake lever tape
  • x2 strips of adhesive finishing tape

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